Andrews Treasures

Dates: September 26 РOctober 29, 2014 Number in Attendance: 200-500 (free, open to the public, highlighted for Alumni

Seminary Heritage Sabbath

Dates: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Number in Attendance: 200-500 (free, but intentionally only marketing to Semi

Michigan Adventist History Tour

Number in Attendance: 35-53 per tour (limited by bus size) Style: Guided history tour Location: Central and southwest Michigan

Ellen White Issues Symposium

Number in Attendance: 100-300 per symposium (open to the public) Style: Academic symposium Location: Seventh-day Adventist The

Adventist History Study Tour

Number in Attendance: 45-53 per trip (limited by bus size) Style: Study tour Location: 2,000 mile trip from Michigan to New Yo

Pitcairn Display

My client wanted to display some of the items from the Pitcairn and Uriah Smith collections that were not as frequently seen b

Shabbat Shalom Magazine

Shabbat Shalom was a magazine published three times a year and ranged from about 22 pages to 36 pages depending on the amount

PMC Stewardship Newsletter

I volunteered to design and layout the Pioneer Memorial Church Stewardship Newsletter.

EGW Research Center Newsnotes

EGW Research Center Newsnotes, was a newsletter for the 20+ Center directors and Spirit of Prophecy coordinators around the wo

Elder Edward Earl Cleveland

Link to article. My client wanted articles that could be used in both their newsletter and on their website to educate donors